Dead Bra Donation Program 

Dead bra, adj. n. (dead brassiere) - a bra which doesn’t fit, has never fit, has been damaged in a laundry mishap or has just been loved and worn to death and is ready to be used for a higher purpose.

We all have them and now Esteem Lingerie has the solution! Bring them into Esteem Lingerie and donate them to our Dead Bra Box. Bras that have some life in them will be refurbished and donated to local women’s charities as well as, a mastectomy clinic in Mexico. The bras that are truly dead will become parts donors.

Over the last decade, thousands of gently used bras have been donated to a number of charities including Kelowna Women's Shelter, Now Society, Casa de Mama, and other charities all around BC.

What the Dead Bra Donation Program means to clients of the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver (Summer 2015)

You are so generous. You have totally blessed the women living in our Sanctuary as well as women of the Downtown Eastside who cannot afford to make undergarments a priority given their very limited funds. Talk about Esteem! These women can hold themselves (pun intended) just a little taller knowing that they have new undergarments that fit and are becoming. Many of our guests have only ever shopped at the discount stores so they are absolutely delighted that they too are deserving of a quality product. You will most likely never fully know how much this means to the girls. In order to preserve personal dignity, I will not have any pictures to forward. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude.