Tips to keep your lingerie looking its best:

For All New Garments

We suggest all new garments be pre-washed prior to wearing. Removing sizing and other manufacturing residues from the garment will assist in smoothing seams and avoiding skin sensitivity to chemicals that may be in the fabric.

Often it is the sizing in lace that will cause the scratchiness some women experience. Our solution for this is:

  1. Soak new bras in one gallon warm water and 3/4 cup white vinegar for several hours or even overnight.
  2. Rinse well and air dry.

Sometimes it takes a few wearings and washings to truly make your bra feel like a great friend - kinda like breaking in new shoes!

Washing & Maintenance

Washing your bra frequently maintains the fit, shape, and appearance of your bra. Washing the bra prevents your natural skin and body oils from building up in the fabric; this build up can be corrosive to the elastic in the bra over time.

We recommend that you alternate wearing your bras, allowing them a day of rest between wearings. Wash every two to three wearings.

Two ways to clean your bras -

The most effective way of cleaning your garment is by machine washing.

Hand washing is your second option for cleaning your bras.

Most of all, ENJOY your new bra!